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Education Support: Videos

DVDs in the Library

The DVD Collection is located on Level 1 (link to map).

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Online Videos (24/7 Access with SWTAFE Login)

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Below is a selection of streaming videos available from these resources:

Online Videos (no sign on required)

Behaviour - the x4 Rule (Australian Teacher Aide)

Teaching playlist from the Administration for Children & Families (US Dept. of Health and Human Services)

Videos cover a range of topics, focusing on various elements of classroom management & behaviour.

Working with Young People Part 1: Your Duty of Care

Working with Young People Part 2: Privacy and Confidentiality

Working with Young People Part 3: Reporting Child Abuse

TAs and group work/1:1 questioning

This video begins to address the role and background of the TA and the 'best practice' teaching and learning skills used by TA working in international schools to support the internationally diverse learner. Ultimately the children, with whom these TAs work, their education and life chance opportunities, will be developed.

Teaching assistants - stars in our classroom

UNISON speaks to staff at Pakeman primary school about the importance of teaching assistants.

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