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Nursing: Websites

Website Evaluation Checklist

Use the C.R.A.P. test to evaluate a website you are unsure about:

Source: This video was created for CCCOnline by Stefanie Stephens.

C - Currency
Consider your topic and determine if you need a current or historical viewpoint.

  • How recent is the information?
  • Has the website been updated recently?
  • Do the links work?
  • Is the information current enough for your topic?

R - Reliability
Consider the type of information included in the resource. Anyone can publish their opinion to the web, but that does not mean it is reliable

  • Is the information fact (based on data) or opinion? Tip: you might see statements that been with "I think..." or "In my opinion..."
  • Are there spelling and grammar mistakes?
  • Is factual information referenced in footnotes or in a reference list?

A - Authority
Consider who is the creator of the website and author of the articles you are viewing. Tips: look at links titled "About Us", "FAQ", "Background" or "Biography".

  • Who is the creator of the website? Is it a source you have heard of before?
  • Is the author of the article listed?
  • If there is no author listed, is there a publisher or institution listed along with contact information?
  • Look at the URL...does it end in .gov or .edu? Generally these type of websites can be trusted. Websites that end in .com, .net or .org can be owned by anyone, so don't assume they can be trusted.
  • Does the author or organisation list any qualifications or credentials?

P - Purpose
Sometimes authors are sponsored by corporations to publish information. If so, the author will have a conflict of interest that results in biased information.

  • Does the website appear to have advertisements?
  • Does it sound like the author is trying to "sell" an idea?
  • Is there a place to put in credit card information?
  • If an issue is covered, are multiple sides presented?

Recommended Websites

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