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Copyright - SWTAFE Staff: Attribution

SWTAFE template

If you use or publish material that is owned by SWTAFE, it needs to be clearly attributed and identified.  The material needs to be attributed on the footer of each page with the copyright symbol, name of the institute and year of publication.

 ©South West Institute of TAFE 2021.

The teaching resource templates can also be used to attach a verso page to the front of the material.

Attributing images

All images need to be attributed including images that you own. The attribution should be as close to the relevant material as possible.  If doing muliple attributions, such as in a powerpoint presentation, it would be sufficient to include a closing slide with the attribution information, using a numbering and referencing system. 

Standard attribution would include (if relevant):

Creator’s Surname, First name. Title. Date created. Link to url, Accessed day month year. Creative Commons licence


Yeo, Simon. Logan Beach Warrnambool. 2013. Accessed 8 September 2017 under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Licence

Attributing text works

The following information is required to attribute material from a book, journal/magazine or the web. Examples on how to compile this information is below.

Books Articles Web documents
  • Author's name
  • Year of publication
  • Title
  • Edition number (If listed)
  • Publishers name
  • Place of publication
  • Page numbers
  • Author's name
  • Year of publication
  • Title of article
  • Title of journal/magazine
  • Volume and issue number
  • Date of issue
  • Page numbers
  • Author's name (if listed)
  • Title [online]
  • Web address/URL
  • Date updated
  • Date accessed


Pages from a book:

Beadnell C ed 2014 The Law Handbook Fitzroy Legal Service : Fitzroy. p. 244-253

An article from a journal:

Thomas J et al 2013 "Residents' perceptions and experiences of social interaction and participation in leisure activities in residential aged care" Contemporary Nurse 45:2 October. p. 244-254

A publication available online:

Herbarium, Queensland 2017 Reducing weed risks from fodder [online] accessed 12 September 2017 under a Creative Commons 3.0 Licence

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