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Copyright - SWTAFE Staff: Free Resources

Free to use images

Search for free images on these sites:

Free photos and videos

Free to use images

Check licensing of image before use

Free to use photos and videos

Search for Creative Commons images

Free Stock Photos


Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a world wide non-profit organisation that provides copyright owners with free licences allowing them to share, reuse and remix their material, legally. Creative Commons licences are currently used by government agencies at all levels – local, State/Territory and Federal – in Australia

Search for creative commons material via this site - CCSearch

Here is a list of the type of licences available and what they mean:

Searching for free images through Google

Google images allows for searches to be limited to images which are freely available for educational use. When on the google images page click on "Tools" and "Usage rights" and select "Creative commons licences"


Website Terms and Conditions

Check website terms and conditions to see whether the content is free for education. If it is not free for education, the terms and conditions may state how to seek permission.

The following table gives you a guide as to what the terms mean:

What the website terms and conditions state Is the website "Free for Education"?
1. Personal No
2. Personal, non-commercial use No
3. Personal or non-commercial use Yes
4. Personal and non-commercial use No
5. Private or individual use No
6. Use in your organisation Yes
7. ©Name and/or year and no terms of use No
8. No terms and conditions No
9. All rights reserved No
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